Tuesday, October 20, 2009

day ninety: october 20, 2009.

today is my 30th birthday!

and this is what my lovely husband had delivered to my door this morning (among other gifts).

i love him and i love cupcakes!!! especially for breakfast haha.

if you remember an earlier post, these are from cupcake royale - best cupcakes on earth. xo.

day eighty nine: october 19, 2009.

the trees are really amazing and magical now. and the leaves are starting to fall.

the colors look so crisp and vibrant on cloudy, wet days. like little sparks of fire... love it!!


day eighty eight: october 18, 2009.

this is the weird outdoor garden/portico of the "history house" here in fremont. i haven't been inside yet, and i'm not really all that certain what goes on there, but i noticed they put up a giant killer whale the other day so i decided to take a photo.

hmmm... xo.

day eighty seven: october 17, 2009.

this is a framed quote at healeo, a vegan/raw food/juice/smoothie establishment on capitol hill.

i had a crazy lemon juice, raw ginger, raw garlic, some kind of mineral oil and cayenne pepper "wellness shot" there that was AMAZING.

i just like the quote a lot. xo.

day eighty six: october 16, 2009.

the chestnuts are falling (mom, you would be in roast chestnut heaven!) and they leave this fuzzy little pod-shells behind.

they kind of remind me of the soot sprites from totoro.....


day eighty five: october 15, 2009.

this is some lovely "twilight" weather we are having. cold and drizzly and misty and foggy.

so fancy. xo.

day eighty four: october 14, 2009.

a view at the end of our street, from under the aurora bridge at sunset.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

day eighty three: october 13, 2009.

ok, tonight's post is a little different. but since this has to do with images and seattle, i am posting it anyway!

a few weeks ago i made a new music video, for a musician and friend back in florida named jeremy gloff.

i shot it here in seattle, on capitol hill with my good friend michael and his magical kitty, five.

today is the world premiere, so i hope you enjoy it!

you can watch other videos of mine (most are pretty old - i need to update the site!) on my website if you're interested.

thanks! now back to normal business. carry on... xo.

Monday, October 12, 2009

day eighty two: october 12, 2009.

hahaha. i met this fellow on my run from fremont to ballard this morning.

so raaaaandom. he's a snatchasaurus!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

day eighty one: october 11, 2009.

today's post is a little risqué. it was taken in our neighborhood laundromat while we were washing our clothes; what a sassy artistic tribute to the fanciness that is fremont. the naked bicyclists are from the summer solstice parade, which i am very much looking forward to!

and there's the troll... and the aurora bridge.. and waiting for the interurban.

in short, this laundromat ROCKS. haha. i love that there's boobs above the spin cycle. xo.

day eighty: october 10, 2009.

we went out for breakfast in town this a.m., and this was how my espresso was served to me.

i love this cup and saucer!!!! underneath the cup, there is a teeeeeny little peppermint swirl. so cute and magical.

i want to wake up to this every morning! haha. xo.

day seventy nine: october 9, 2009.

this is a tree that is full of chairs here in fremont. it's very alice in wonderland and it makes me smile.


day seventy eight: october 8, 2009.

it's a little difficult to see, but that neon magic up in the fremont bridge tower is rapunzel, and she is very fancy.

you can see her every night, shining bright! xo.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

day seventy seven: october 7, 2009.

pacific northwest sunset about 6:50pm, a few blocks from our apartment during our evening walk with mickey.

so pretty!!! xo.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

day seventy six: october 6, 2009.

here is some fancy sidewalk art around the corner from our apartment. it seems someone love(s)/(d) elvis.

or just bejeweled household accoutrements. ;)

what a magical mosaic! it's totally 80's. xo.

Monday, October 5, 2009

day seventy five: october 5, 2009.

now it's realllly starting to look like fall! this was my landscape this morning on my 4 mile run to the u-district and back.

right now everything is red and yellow... waiting for oranges and browns to come soon.... the changing of the leaves is in its early stages and will only get fancier as october unfolds...

i really missed this living in florida...

yay!! xo.

day seventy four: october 4, 2009.

this one is self explanatory. the pike place market is kinda touristy, but definitely has some delicious food and farm-fresh goods to stock up on.

there is a great bookstore, "left bank books" adjacent to the market that is supremely magical. they have all kinds of crazy zines and independent publications on their shelves, in addition to patches and buttons and t-shirts and great vintage volumes.


day seventy three: october 3, 2009.

our apartment is slowly but surely coming together!!!!!!!

i am loving it. next up is to put some art on the walls and have our belongings shipped out.


day seventy two: october 2, 1009.

this is a cryptic message that was spray scrawled on one of the homeless tents along the burke-gilman trail... it makes me giggle.

how polite of them to censor their language. xo.

day seventy one: october 1, 2009.

i am obsessed with the cold, cloudy weather in seattle. it is amazing... and makes the water look extra fancy...