Friday, December 11, 2009

day one hundred and forty two: december 11, 2009.

hiiiii. i've been a bad, bad blogger. but i'm back! i took a weeeeee little break from the blog when my friend m. came here to visit for my birthday and then, to be honest, living in the wondrous magic that is seattle has prevented me from getting back into this. i've been so busy with work and exploring and settling in that i kept procrastinating catch up and now... well, it's been awhile.

that said, i am switching things up a bit. i will keep on posting things, but it might not be a picture a day. we'll see. either way, i promise to pay more attention to this photo journal! there are so many beautiful and fancy things to show you, after all.

for today there are multiple pics. enjoy!

our xmas tree!
early morning frost!
early winter skies at sundown....
puget sound on a very cold and sunny friday.
turkey latte art!


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