Sunday, December 20, 2009

day one hundred and fifty: december 19, 2009.

for some reason, it took me until today to venture into the fremont vintage mall, and i am so sad i haven't been sooner! it's like an underground network of retro MAGIC that only the cool know exist. seriously, it takes up what would be the basement of nearly an entire city block, and it smells lovely (not like some musty antique cellar) which is an extra bonus.

anyhow, the beauties being held by my darling husband in this photo are some of my new christmas loot. YES THEY ARE MEGA PINK AND YES THEY ARE FABULOUS. perfect fit, in my size (7) and faaaaancy. i had to drag myself outta there after this find, because i didn't want to do any more damage to our collective wallet when we still have shopping for others to finish.

you can bet i'll be back after the 25th though.... xo.


  1. I miss your photos. The last one is this one... on my birthday might I add. :-) Blog again! Maybe Golden Gardens stuff!