Monday, September 14, 2009

day fifty four: september 14, 2009.

tonight we went to "blue c sushi" in the university district. it's an authentic japanese conveyor belt sushi joint, but metrosexualized. i loved it! the sushi plates range from $1.50 (vegetarian rolls, edamame) - $5.25 (fancier stuff like rainbow eel rolls and tempura). it's delicious, and being that i am a notorious fickle menu mind changer, i looooove that you can choose what you want as you eat so you are never unhappy.

they have yummy genmaicha (green tea with toasted brown rice and mini popcorn) and giant japanese beers, plus additional menu items that you can order from the kitchen. while you eat you can get dizzy watching the conveyor belt, or you can focus on one of two giant video screens projecting video and images from japan (like mount fuji, geisha, tokyo, etc.).

it's awesome!!! here's their website.

there's one in fremont, down the street from our new place. so excited! xo.

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