Saturday, September 12, 2009

day fifty two: september 12, 2009.

today we lost hours (perhaps even years) of our lives inside of the seattle ikea. i probably could have snuggled down under one of the fluffy duvets in a bedroom display and no one would have noticed while i recharged my batteries..... seriously, that place is the biggest ikea-land i have ever seen. seriously, squared, i believe those crafty swedes may have figured out a way to maneuver the time/space continuum and create a portal where you lose hours, days, years of your life when to you it only seems like minutes.

but boy do i love the domestica-porn they create at bargain basement prices. a stainless steel flatware set for $7.99?!?! where can i swipe my debit card?!?!

anyhow, today's picture is for the tampa people... and the former tampa people. isn't this just the greatest??? a door mat even! haha. i love it.

and i love ikea. and i love YOU. xo.

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