Wednesday, September 9, 2009

day forty nine: september 9, 2009.

my aunt and i went to carkeek park, on puget sound, to see if we could see any straggling salmons spawning before the season ended. we discovered that the salmon we were looking for didn't spawn at carkeek, but that the ones that did are projected to do so beginning in november, so at least there's that to look forward to.

i also discovered how cool carkeek is and what greats views of the sound it offers (minus the 2 mile hike that discovery park entails). if you can see the stairs/platform in the far left of the image, you are looking at the raised walkway that goes over railroad tracks where you can watch trains approach the park from miles down shore and then pass right under your feet. there's a lot of really cool old school playgrounds/campgrounds/dining areas and trails to explore, too and apparently the tide pools are exquisite. (i'll have to go back when the tide is low to check them out!)

neat! xo.


  1. omg... if you're not gonna post everyday, give me the login - i'll do guest spots

  2. a. we're so there! you'll love it!

    b. shut your mouth. ;P