Friday, September 11, 2009

day fifty one: september 11, 2009.

say hello to "india bistro!" this is quite possibly the BEST indian food i have ever eaten, including all the indian food i ate when i lived in london. it is soooo yummmy. there's one on roosevelt in ravenna, and another location in ballard. (we've only eaten at/from the ravenna location, but i'm sure the ballard one is yummy, too.) it is truly heaven.

they use super fresh ingredients, the atmosphere is simple, cozy and modern, and the music played in the restaurant is SO FANCY!!! all bollywood/indian magic. I LOVE IT!

if you live in seattle, you must go here. but don't go making it all crowded and loud when i wanna go. i like it just the way it is! quiet and intimate. ;)

check it out! xo.

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