Sunday, September 13, 2009

day fifty three: september 13, 2009.

this is the fremont branch of the seattle public library system. and it will soon be *our* branch, since we are moving to fremont next weekend!!!!!

seriously, the libraries here in seattle are amazing. every neighborhood has its own, and each one has a unique architectural personality, like the ballard branch that is completely eco-friendly and has grass and other flora growing on its roof. so magical! the fremont branch reminds me a little of florida with its vintage spanish style. it also has a multi-level garden on the grounds that goes all the way down a hill to lake union. lovely!

of course the main branch is famous for being an architectural masterpiece, but i really enjoy all the little ones better. they have more charm and character.

you can go to the seattle public library system HERE, and check out all the branches yourself!

i can't wait to get my library card and start checking out books! xo.

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