Sunday, September 6, 2009

day forty five: september 5, 2009.

bumbershoot! michael got a couple of vip/all-access backstage passes for the 3 day festival here in seattle since his company is co-producing the event, and i was his saturday guest.

it was ahhhmazing!! we went backstage at a bunch of the different stages (including uh huh her where i was milling about with leisha and camila, as well as matt and kim), sat in the vip area for katy perry, enjoyed the fancy perks (free wine tastings, food and reduced-price drinks) in the vip hospitality areas and just had a magical time all-around.

favorite performers of the day were gang gang dance and de la soul, who ended our night with a really fun dance party on a big lawn overlooking queene anne and the space needle. awesome! xo.

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  1. sounds like fun. De La Soul is always good. Seen em like 5 times and they never disappoint.