Sunday, August 9, 2009

day eighteen: august 9, 2009.

today i had brunch with michael at linda's in capitol hill. it's crazy! it's a country western themed dive bar and restaurant that is full of punk rock kids and hipsters, and their sunday brunch has such beverage offerings as a cranberry emergen-c and vodka cocktail and a mountain dew and vodka cocktail in addition to the usual mimosas and bloody marys and more.

you can get pitchers of their fancy drinkies, and then play pool or look at the dead animal heads or gaze upon the wagon wheel chandelier when you're finished with your tofu scramble, breakfast taco or other yummy treat. all while listening to the my bloody valentine or green day or blondie they were playing this afternoon. loves it. xo.


  1. green day is cool again. we are so old.

  2. ugh! green day. and we are not old! shhh!! ;)