Saturday, August 1, 2009

day ten: august 1, 2009.

i really wanted to see some tide pools today, so the plan was to go out to alki (al-kie, like "pie") beach but when we looked up the local tide info we found that the next (good) low tide would be tomorrow morning so we needed a new plan.

we ended up going to discovery park in the nearby magnolia neighborhood to explore the beaches of puget sound, which turns out are reached via a multi-mile hike up a wooded bluff and then all the way down winding trails to the water (and fancy lighthouse) on very uneven, rocky terrain. and i was in my bathing suit and flip flops. haha. a few blisters later, i got to cool my tootsies in icy puget sound (the temp is usually around 50 degrees) and sit on some driftwood with trevor and watch the surf and a watercolor-esque vision of mt. rainier in the distance before hiking all the way back up and over again to our car. i took many more photos than this, which i need to post somewhere soon; the setting is so amazing - you go from dense woods to open fields of wildflowers and tall grasses to rocky cliffs - it's hard to believe you are in the middle of a big city.

the scenery was just magical with the sun and the salty sea breeze and the pebbled beach, and i hope to go again soon, sans flip flops. anyways, i now need a new pair! xo.

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