Sunday, August 30, 2009

day thirty nine: august 30, 2009.

today i found TWO PAIRS of awesome doc martens, baaaarely used, for less than $20 total. actually, with tax i think it came out to $17.00. sweeeeet!!

i have been looking for used docs for awhile, but all i could find in my size were "eh" or still too pricey. i love new ones but (a) they are $$ and (b) it takes forever to break them in perfectly. so HA! now i have two pairs, for super cheap, that are magically broken in. color me goldilocks. :)

i found them at the ballard goodwill, where i also found a TON of awesomely cheap and fancy used furniture that will come in handy when we move into an apartment. seattle has the best thrift magic evaaar!! xo.

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