Tuesday, August 18, 2009

day twenty seven: august 18, 2009.

today i had a "doh!" moment. i realized you all have not seen our little cottage yet! so... here it is. :)

isn't it fancy? it's only the bottom floor (the upstairs is a giant attic, where some of our stuff is stashed) but it is super cute and nestled way in the back of my aunt and uncle's magical backyard gardens, behind a little fence. you take a few steps up to our area, where there is a waterfall/pond, a quiet seating area with benches and a table/chairs, a garden shed and lots of flowers, plants and bamboo. the coolest part about the backyard is that it is all shaded by a giant japanese maple. yay!

i especially like to have dinner out on the table and chairs at sundown and listen to the breeze in the bamboo.

look! there's maul in the window.... xo.


  1. wow, what an awesome place! did you walk around seattle for days scouring thru halfway houses 'til you found that?

  2. Oh, I love the kimono. Where did you get it?
    I start my job this afternoon so maybe I will give you a call tonight to let you know how it went, okay?

  3. mom, i got the kimono at pearl river in nyc. i got rid of it awhile ago though. :(

    yes, call me tonight! xox.

    michael, yes! i went through a lot of crackhouses before i found this one.