Wednesday, August 12, 2009

day twenty one: august 12, 2009.

this evening my aunt and i went to one of the nationwide obama-sponsored healthcare reform town hall meetings outside of seattle in everett, wa. (in case you're curious, i am pro healthcare reform.) i have never seen adults behave so childishly and appallingly as i did tonight. and with such ignorance, too (from multiple sides of the debate). it was insane! and disappointing. it appeared that anyone with a dissenting opinion did not come to listen or engage in any thoughtful discussion, but simply to boo loudly, complain under his/her breath, and shout obscenities. or hold giant banners with pictures of aborted babies and obama with a hitler mustache up to block audience views. awesome.

i was glad to hear a few intelligent people (both in favor of and skeptical of the plan) speak up before we left; i was beginning to worry everyone there was an idiot. unfortunately, most of the question askers were middle aged or seniors; it would have been nice for more individuals in their 20s and 30s to have spoken (either for or against) just to hear the discrepancies/differences in their platforms.

all-in-all an interesting (albeit somewhat disheartening) evening spent in everett. xo.


  1. everett reminds me of lakeland - and not in the awesome publix subs sort of way

  2. The older citizens are more vocal because they will be impacted the most by any changes in the healthcare program. Most young people could care less about healthcare reform. Not sexy enough!!!!