Sunday, August 2, 2009

day eleven: august 2, 2009.

this evening we had a lovely picnic at the seattle arboretum with michael and his friend. i forgot to snap a photo until we were getting ready to leave, hence the dwindling daylight and lack of fancy subject matter.

the trees were so enormous and gorgeous there. it's a massive park - we only touched on one tiny edge. i can't wait to go back and see the rest, and spend some time in the japanese gardens (where you can have a proper tea ceremony and view carp/koi in little ponds). so magical!

i bet it's especially beautiful in winter when the trees and black and bare and the sky is grey. mhm.

another great night, weather and company wise. xo.


  1. I am really digging your pix. It's nice to see new stuff!

  2. thanks, kristine!! and i apologize for the delayed response - i didn't know i had any comments until today. but now that is fixed. ;)