Wednesday, August 19, 2009

day twenty eight: august 19, 2009.

today is our one month anniversary here in seattle! hooray! (i started the blog after adjusting to the time difference and after the road lag wore off and we had been here a few days.)

not really to celebrate, but definitely because i love asian magic, we went to the international district with michael for dinner at samurai noodle. yum yum! samurai noodle is this tiiiiny, hole-in-the-wall, authentic japanese ramen house that borders uwajimaya (the japanese grocery chain - that's a future entry!) and it is so so good. i had vegetarian ramen with tofu, trevor had spicy chicken broth ramen with pork and michael had soy/pork ramen also with pork. i was enjoying my food so much that i neglected to snap a photo of the fanciness. next time....

anyway, the international district is basically the seattle version of chinatown and, in addition to the giant arch and tons of asian bakeries, bubble tea joints, restaurants, karaoke houses and totoro-merchandising toy stores, they have magical asian dragons spiraling random lamp posts. i love it! xo.


  1. you neglected to mention the crackheadz that were gonna "cut that motherf'n bird."

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