Friday, August 7, 2009

day sixteen: august 7, 2009.

let me introduce you to the best cupcake i have ever tasted, the lavender cupcake from "cupcake royale" (which is quite possibly the most magical cupcake bakery on earth - eff magnolia and billy's. yeah, i said it! eff 'em!) in ballard.

their cupcakes have the moistest, tastiest cake and fanciest frosting flavors! lavender you ask? oh, yes.... so subtle and tasty and DELICIOUS. and i love cupcakes so you know i am telling the truth. now! go visit their website. :)

clickies! xo. mmmmmmm.........


  1. YuMm-o-licious.

    I know a certain 2 yr. old that would absolutely love that "sweet treat".

    Wish we had a place like that nearby us, but it could be very dangerous.

  2. haha! yeah, i have to zip up my willpower suit and stay away except for special occasions, otherwise my 3 mile runs will need to turn into 6 mile runs or i'll need to invest in a new wardrobe. ;)