Wednesday, August 26, 2009

day thirty five: august 26, 2009.

this is the sound garden. yes, like the awesome 90s band. ;) actually, this is where that awesome 90s band gleaned its name!

sorry for the poor quality/distance of the pic, but i took it through a chain link fence with my iphone. (watch a video HERE.) the sound garden is actually properly called "a sound garden"and is another piece of seattle public art. it's located on the very well secured, private grounds of noaa (pronounced "noah" and longform: national oceanic and atmospheric administration) right next to magnuson park (my favorite dog park in town).

the area wasn't always so well secured; this happened after 9/11. it's ok, 'cause you can still see and hear the sound garden pretty well... you just can't walk right up to it.

which is just fine, because the noise that it makes is pretty creepy. kind of like a bunch of leaky windows in a very old haunted house howling in the wind. eerily and constantly. i always wonder if it bothers the dogs...

hmmm.. xo.


  1. That is same sound found where sail boats are harbored. Reminds me of being at the marina in Bradenton just a few weeks ago.........!

  2. Gee, it is very creepy. What causes the sounds? I liked the comment at the end of the video!

  3. anonymous #1: that's so interesting!!! i didn't know that happened in a sailboat harbor...

    anonymous #2 (mom): the wind through the metal causes the sounds. neat, huh?

  4. This is Anonymous #1: and if I reach very far back into my memory bank, it reminds me of being in Annapolis MD and sailing on the Chesapeake Bay.....hint, hint...(it's the "other" mom!)