Thursday, August 20, 2009

day twenty nine: august 20, 2009.

this is an oolong mimosa (oolong, orange juice, honey and basil). it's from the miro teahouse in ballard. not as yummy as the green tea mojito (green tea, agave, mint), but very nice just the same. they have a bunch of fancy iced tea drinks, imported herbal teas, whole leaf teas, baked goods and you can pretty much sample whatever you want. the interior is super japanese modern, too, and there are lots of lovely candles and art everywhere.

i am in love with their magical tea concoctions and i can't wait until this fall/winter when i will want to try their hot infusions. meowww. xo.

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  1. i loved the red tea with vanilla cream i got a few weeks ago - finished it in two minutes