Monday, August 17, 2009

day twenty six: august 17, 2009.

yes, you are reading that correctly. although it is not the "northwestern" or the "cornelia marie" this is one of the boats on one of my favorite tv shows, "the deadliest catch" on the discovery channel. i am not sure if i have seen the "sea star" on the show before, but due to the move i have missed a lot of this season so it's a possibility you all know it better than i do (if you watch the show).

anyway, the fangirl in me got all excited when i saw this, which was after dinner at "chinook's" at fisherman's terminal in ballard. fisherman's terminal is where all of the alaskan crab boats dock in the offseason(s) and "chinook's" is some of the best seafood in seattle, with some of the best views of harbor magic and hills in town. before or after dinner you can walk down among the boats and explore, as well as check out the beautiful sunsets in a giant open patch of pacific northwest sky.

so nautically delicious! xo.

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